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The 2017 Student Brochure will be available soon for the New Judaic Study Institute Classes. Request a copy by emailing us at student.support@jsi-edu.org. These are distant learning classes for Certificates or Diplomas in Messiah Based Judaic Studies.

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You can study with Judaic Studies Institute, a Distance Learning Institution, to earn a certificate or diploma, in the field of Yeshua based Judaic / Jewish Studies. You can study to receive Rabbinic Semicha (Ordination), or a Messianic Judaic / Jewish Education. We are currently working on adding more Messiah Yeshua based material to the courses. Judaic Studies Institute is a religious non-profit institution whose sole purpose is to train students in religious disciplines to prepare them to assume a vocational objective relating primarily to religion. For information go to: https://www.jsi-edu.org/